1. Strengthen the current brands’ competitiveness

Improve the current brands’ quality and service Modify and brush up those brands’ menu, pricing, design depending on market, location and consumer needs. Reinforce the development of stores and franchisees, and increase the number of the outlets.

2. Diversify the brand portfolio

Adding to the existing “dinner brands” such as Izakaya Pub and BBQ, we aim to develop “lunch brands” , dealing with the current needs on restaurants based on diversified lifestyle. We will explore M&As, and also forming alliances with other companies’ brands to support them to build up franchise system with our knowledge and experience on franchise business and operate and develop their brands.

3. Explore overseas market

We recognize emerging markets such as Asia as our field to grow. The volume of middle income population in these markets will continue to grow, which increases the demand for the restaurant food. Europe and US also have strong demand for Japanese foods. We continue to explore these markets to develop our brands.

4. Advance into daily processing business to form “food value chain”

We acquired a daily processor called “Konyusha” in September 2013, and reinforce the sales and development of the product which make use of our own high quality daily products. Not only to sell the products in our restaurants, but also to develop external sales channel such as other restaurant business and retail field.